Arc Rated Clothing Suppliers

PPE and Laundry Supplier List

ArcWear is an independent laboratory; we do not manufacture or sell PPE.

As a courtesy, ArcWear provides a list of arc flash arc rated (AR) clothing, garments and equipment suppliers that have used our team for arc flash testing. ArcWear does not endorse specific products or manufacturers or receive compensation for the listings provided. To view specific product information, visit the the individual company's website.

Arc Rated Gloves
Arc Rated Faceshields & Hoods
Arc & FR Rainwear
Flash Suits/Switching Suits, Hoods, & FR Clothing
Laundries with FR

Arc Rated PPE for Women

Recent studies indicate women working with industrial hazards are often wearing improperly fitting PPE. Manufacturers have been working hard to create PPE specially designed for women working in the arc, flame, and thermal industry; a list of suppliers can be found below.