ArcWear Partners with Safety Equipment Institute (SEI)


ArcWear has partnered with the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) to offer third-party certification for ASTM F1506-10a Flame Resistant and Arc Rated Textile Materials for Electric Apparel. ArcWear is an accredited laboratory with a long history of providing arc flash testing and consulting, while SEI is a non-profit organization that has long served as a voluntary third-party certification body to a broad range of personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturers. Our combined experience and expertise allow us to offer full third-party certification with expedited turnaround times and low cost for clients interested in labeling their products with the SEI logo.

Third-party certification is not required for compliance with ASTM F1506. However, third-party certification, including the SEI logo on your product, demonstrates quality and conformance to the current standard. It confirms standard conformance has been verified by both a third party testing laboratory and a third-party certification body.

Get Started

For more information about the process of third party certification for ASTM F1506 or to begin the process, contact Stacy Klausing. We look forward to helping you.

Visit the Safety Equipment Institute website for more information.