Arc Flash Calculators

Take advantage of the collection of calculation tools and information we have compiled for your convenience.

Arc Analysis Software

HD Electric Company's Arc Analysis Software was developed to calculate the thermal parameters of electrical arcs. The program offers an assit in the selection of protective clothing by defining the potential arc hazard for workers who may be accidentally exposed to electrical arcs. The user can then specify clothing that will withstand the level of predicted arc hazards. Arc Analysis Software includes an Easy to use Windows-based format, a clothing database and second degree burn criteria.

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Brooklawn National Lab Fire Hazard Analysis

This comprehensive assessment qualitatively assesses the risk from fire within the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSL) to ensure Department of Energy (DOE) fire safety objectives are met.

Fire Hazard Analysis/Fire Hazard Assessment (PDF)

Cooper-Bussman's Arc Flash Calculator

The values returned by the online Arc Flash Calculator can help in determining the appropriate level of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and where the arc flash protection boundary lies. These are areas of major concern when analyzing electrical safety for personnel and the Arc Flash Calculator can aid in determining necessary precautions.

Duke Power's Heat Flux Calculator

This DOS program will give you the predicted incident energy in cal/cm. You can then get assistance from OSHA or a company offering arc thermal performance value (ATPV) data on their clothing in choosing your clothing. This freeware is offered with no claims from ArcWear, Hoagland Consulting or Duke Power to help you assess your potential for electrical arc.

You will need to enter the following data once you have downloaded the program:

  • Amps of ground fault available
  • Expected duration of the arc in cycles
  • Expected length of the arc
  • Distance of the worker from the arc and system voltage

Heat Flux Calculator (Zip File)

Electric Power Distribution Handbook

This on-line tool models the arc flash incident energy based on tests of PMH padmounted switches by EPRI and PG&E. This tool is in the beta faze, so use caution with the results.

Arc flash in a padmounted switch

National Institute of Standards & Technology Fire Hazard Analysis Techniques

From the Fire Protection Handbook, 20th Edition, this resource offers details on a variety of fire hazard analysis techniques. The goal of fire hazards analysis (FHA) is to determine the expected outcome of specific set of conditions called a fire scenario. Chapter 7, Section 3 of this resource offers a comprehensive overview of helpful steps when faced with a fire hazard.

Fire Hazard Analysis Techniques (PDF)