ASTM F1959 per F1891


The Arc Flash Testing for Rainwear and Laminated Fabric determines the Arc Rating (ATPV and Ebt) of rainwear or laminated fabric. Before testing, samples are laundered three times and dried once in accordance with AATCC TM 135.

Sample Requirements

Length: 7 meters or yards; Width: 1.5 meters or 60 inches

If fabric is less than 1.5 meters or 60 inches wide, let us know the actual width and we will tell you how many meters or yards we will need.

Get Started

Please download and fill out the Test Form (XLS) and email it to To ensure your samples are added to the testing schedule, print the form and enclose it with your shipment.

Shipping Address

Attn: Hugh Hoagland
3018 Eastpoint Parkway
Louisville, KY 40223
United States


After your ASTM F1959 testing is complete, we will send you an email with the Arc Rating results. Within a few weeks, we will send you another email with the full test report. You will receive a user name and password for our web site, You can log on to download test reports and the raw data, photos and videos from your tests.