ASTM F2178


This arc flash test determines the Arc Rating (ATPV and Ebt) for face shields, hoods, and balaclava/goggles. The Arc Rating is calculated using a mannequin head mounted with sensors. This test is designed to meet F2178 which measures the energy through the lens or shield of the product.

Sample Requirements

Twenty-eight samples are required for testing. If the hardhats are detachable, we need six hardhats.

Get Started

Please download and fill out the Test Form (XLS) and email it to To ensure your samples are added to the testing schedule, print the form and enclose a copy with both of your shipments.

Shipping Details

Ship one sample to:

Attn: Hugh Hoagland
3018 Eastpoint Parkway
Louisville, KY 40223
United States

Ship 27 hoods and face shields directly to the lab:

Kinectrics Inc.
Attn: Andrew Haines/Hugh Hoagland
800 Kipling Ave, Bldg KL
Toronto, Ontario M8Z-5G5

Phone: (416) 207-6305

Shipping From Outside Canada

Ship as samples for destructive testing ONLY. On the commercial invoice, list value very low since these will be destroyed in the testing.


After your ASTM F2178 testing is complete, we will send you an email with the Arc Rating results. Within a few weeks, we will send you another email with the full test report. You will receive a user name and password for our web site, You can log on to download the raw data, photos and videos from your tests.