ASTM F2676


Standard Test Method for Determining the Protective Performance of an Arc Protective Blanket for Electric Arc Hazards

The arc flash blanket test examines the ability of the protective blanket to withstand the effects of an arc blast. This test also determines the maximum arc current and the break open threshold protection.

Sample Requirements

11 blankets minimum - 152 cm (60 in.) by 122 cm (48 in.) We need to know the maximum fault current expected on the blanket - 15, 25 and 40KA are standard.

Get Started

To have a Blanket test performed, please fill out the Test Form (XLS) and email the form to To ensure your samples are added to the testing schedule, print the form and enclose a copy with your shipment.

Shipping Address

Kinectrics Inc.
Attn: Andrew Haines/Hugh Hoagland
800 Kipling Ave, Bldg KL
Toronto, Ontario M8Z-5G5

Business: (416) 207-6305

Shipping From Outside Canada

Ship as samples for destructive testing ONLY. On the commercial invoice, list value very low since these will be destroyed in the testing.