NFPA 2112 Testing and Certification

About this Specification

NFPA 2112 outlines the design, testing, and performance requirements for garments used by industrial personnel for flash fire or short-duration thermal exposure hazards.

Compliance with NFPA 2112 requires third-party certification. ArcWear, BTTG, and SEI partner to quickly and accurately perform testing and issue third-party certifications under our FlashCert services.

What will I need to get started?

  • A list of materials used in the garment to be certified. This is necessary in order to give an accurate quote and to form a test plan
  • Insurance policy (Min. $2 Million USD)
  • Signed Manufacturers Agreement (Agreement with SEI)
  • Recall policy
  • Quality Management System (preferably certified to ISO 9001)

Get Started: Contact Stacy at if you are interested in certifying your fabric or garment to NFPA 2112. You will receive an introductory packet with detailed instructions.

Test Methods

  • Heat and Thermal Shrinkage
  • Heat Transfer Performance
  • Thermal Manikin Testing
  • Vertical Flame
  • 100 Industrial Wash Durability of Flame Resistance
  • Thread Melt
  • User Information, Label Content & Durability
  • Design
  • Certified Components

Third-Party Certification

So, what is third-party certification? NFPA 2112 defines certification as "a system whereby a certification organization determines that a manufacturer has demonstrated the ability to produce a product that complies with the requirements of this standard, authorizes the manufacturer to use a label on listed products that comply with the requirements of this standard, and establishes a follow-up program conducted by the certification organization as a check on the methods the manufacturer uses to determine continued compliance with the requirements of this standard" (NFPA 2112, 2012 Edition, Section 3.3.4).

Under our new FlashCert services, ArcWear works with the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) to test and issue third-party certification. SEI is a non-profit organization that has long served as a certification body to a broad range of personal protective equipment. In order to achieve certification, ArcWear will work with BTTG to perform all necessary testing, and SEI will audit the quality management system at all relevant facilities. The program is ongoing-annual auditing and some testing will occur to ensure compliance. Once certification is completed, you can use the SEI mark with your compliant products and label the garment as compliant with NFPA 2112. Garments must be fully certified to claim compliance with NFPA 2112. NFPA 2112 does not allow any marking or claims for compliance for garments using certified components alone.